Skin Peels

Skin Peels

Skin peels are efficient methods to bring out fresh and youthful-looking skin. It helps to improve skin texture, appearance, and gives a softer, glowing, and nourished look.

Several factors like aging, pollution, injuries, illness, sun damage, etc. can leave your skin looking dull and dark. We understand your concerns and use safe chemical peels to target them. Skin peels exfoliate and nourish to stimulate collagen formation.
Get rid of your rough and dead skin layers to reveal its natural softness and gleam.


Types of Skin Peels


The chemical peels are also administered to the neck. We often ignore taking care of the neck and neglect any signs of aging or damage on it. However, our neck is equally exposed to the sun as our faces.
The chemical peels safely exfoliate without being abrasive on this delicate area. Face and neck peels are commonly carried out together to ensure an even glow and feel.
Full facial rejuvenation treatments include targeting the skin on the neck as well.


Along with a fresh and glowing face, pay attention to your body and damage to the skin. Pigmentation in areas like elbows, knees, tummy, back, thighs.
Our hands and feet are exposed to harsh conditions making the skin callus, hard, rough, and dark. Reveal your inner beautiful natural skin with our high-quality chemical exfoliators.
These are simple, effective, and painless procedures with guaranteed results. Treat issues all over the body and revive holistically.


Chemical peels work to improve the overall appearance of skin by removing dead skin cells, dirt, roughness, darkened skin, spots, flakes, etc.
With skin peels for the face, the chemicals react with the skin to blister and gradually peel off. This is a non-invasive process with suitable and gentle products that effectively peel the outer damaged layer of your skin. The new skin is fresher, brighter, and devoid of wrinkles.
They are efficient to get rid of skin that has been damaged from acne, sun exposure, etc.

Our popular skin peel is BioRePeel.

BioRePeelCl3 is an innovative, biphasic, patented medical device with a bio stimulating, revitalising and peeling action. Thanks to its exfoliating and keratolytic action, it promotes cell turnover by removing the outer corneal layer cells with selective action on corneocytes’ junction bonds.